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  Stainless Steel Mirror Surface
  Stainless Steel 3D's Surface
      and Halo Art
  Stainless Steel Mirror Surface
      and Etched Finish
  Stainless Steel Etched Finish
  Stainless Steel Titanium and
      Etched Finish
  Stainless Steel Coils & Sheets
  Stainless Steel Pipes & Tubes
  Stainless Steel Angles
  Elevator Cabin Produce
  Stainless Steel Pipes & Tubes
• Material : SUS304, 304L , 316 , 316L , 2B/BA , No1
• Diameter : 0.25inch~ 80inch
• Length : Normal sizes available.
• Thickness : 0.8 ~ 2.0mm
• Application : A Hollow product of round or any other cross-section having a continuous periphery. It may be made in either a seamless or welded form. It is manufactured to specific dimensions, usually the outside diameter and the wall thickness. General Purpose Chemical processing equipment, Food processing equipment, Mechanical & structural components, Canopy supports.